TYS – Yoga, Desk Yoga, and Chair Massage

Corporate Wellbeing

We are a bespoke provider of corporate onsite chair massage and yoga in the workplace,

offering precisely what you need to keep your team healthy and happy without disrupting the day.


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We work with you to create an individualised plan,
based on the needs of you and your team


Choose your own dates, times, and special requirements


Say hello to your dedicated and vetted professionals


Your team choose preferred times via branded booking links

Mobile Chair Massage

Our popular onsite mobile chair massages will promote engagement and productivity in your team,
by relaxing shoulder and neck muscles, enhancing blood flow and circulation, fostering mental
well-being and happiness with the release of natural feel-good hormones.


Massage can lead to increased creative thinking, accuracy and loyalty within the team!

We can arrange weekly, bi-monthly or monthly visits for massage and yoga

Yoga in the workplace

Our yoga offering is a convenient and effective tool with powerful benefits,

helping your employees attain greater positive health and well-being,

leading to improved communication and enhanced teamwork.


Classes can help combat the sedentary work life and radically re-energise

your employees workday, leaving them refreshed, engaged and ready to

make better creative decisions.



Classes can be arranged around your work schedule.

e.g. early morning or lunchtime to motivate, after work to wind down and relax,

or even split into mini-classes to accommodate hectic schedules!


Our very popular desk-yoga will teach your team useful poses

to incorporate into their daily work life.


Prevent injury and alleviate the effects of sitting behind a desk for 8 hours or more a day.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are your therapists and yoga teachers qualified and insured?

Yes, and they are members of professional organisations relevant to the treatment or service that they are providing. We share copies of this information as appropriate, please contact us.

How much space do we need for a yoga class?

It depends how many people will attend each class! We’ll work with you to create yoga classes that suit the team, the business, and the available space. Even full scale classes incorporate a small element of desk yoga though, teaching targeted stretches to help alleviate discomfort throughout the work day, to de-stress and gain new focus – even when the yoga teacher isn’t around!

Can our employees pay? We give them insurance for this stuff…

Yes. Your branded booking link will be upgraded to accept secure payments from employee credit/debit cards. We will also provide access to PDF copies of insurance certificates and professional memberships for the therapists/yoga teachers assigned to the employees.

We’re a (global/large/tiny) company… Can you work with us?

Yes! Our minimum call out is two hours for massage (this could cover 4-12 team members, or just one or two VIPs!)

We haven’t found our maximum call out yet but we like a challenge and will be honest about our existing capabilities from the start. We can definitely cover your teams in Sussex and London. Our network is growing every week so do get in touch below.

We want to offer team wellness but aren’t sure where to start, what do you recommend?

Book us for a sample day and experience massage and yoga with your team/s. We’ll then help you put together a regular plan that suits your budget, schedule, work commitments and team requirements. Contact us for more information.

How long do chair massage sessions last for?

We find that 15 minute and 20 minute regular massages are the most popular, but one-off treats are often longer. We can even offer a choice of durations on booking, or change the duration (with a little notice)

How do we arrange something with TYS?

Simply fill in the form below, call us on 07817111542 or email info@treatyourselfbrighton.com